Laser Hair Removal Machines For Result-Driven Treatments

Our range of laser hair removal machines will allow you to ease into new treatments, starting with hair removal and moving into more advanced treatments as you gain experience. A thorough training program is provided in order to teach you how to confidently perform all treatment applications so you will be ready to administer these services immediately after you take delivery of your device.

There are many different IPL machines on the market, which can make it a daunting task to choose a machine that is right for your salon. The specifications of our devices provided here should assist in your research however we have a much more comprehensive list of specifications available at our office.

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With our IPL machines for sale, you will be adding a range of advanced services to your treatment menu: 

  • IPL Permanent Hair Removal
  • SHR Permanent Hair Removal (SuperLUX, UltraLUX V1 and UltraLUX V4)
  • Dual-Mode Permanent Hair Removal (for lighter pigmented hair types)
  • Acne Management
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation Correction

Additional Benefits of our IPL Machines

  • All of our IPL machines are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No 168147). A listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) is beneficial when gaining insurance from a reputable insurance provider for the use of your IPL machine.

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How Laser Hair Removal Works to Grow Your Business Beautifully

Laser Hair Removal consistently tops the most in-demand aesthetic services around the globe.

  1. Keep clients coming through the door
    With hair removal results requiring a treatment package of 8-10 services, you can regularly welcome clients back through your door.
  2. Takes up minimal space
    Another perk of having an laser hair removal machine is that you can provide your clients with effective permanent hair removal services without having to clutter your work space with large machines – perfect for smaller or at-home businesses!
  3. Low Consumable Cost
    Not only do laser hair removal machines have a high return on investment but they have an incredibly low running cost to your business.

More appointments = more profits; and more profits means you pay off your investment much, much faster.

What to look for when purchasing a laser hair removal machine

The forward-thinking objective of any business owner should be to invest in a high quality technology that enhances both your professional and financial gain.
Use our below guide is a helpful checklist when purchasing an laser hair removal device to allow your business the best advantage and financial growth with the help of quality aesthetic technology.

Qualities to look for in an laser hair removal machine:

  • Swift and easy operation in a busy salon environment
  • In-built Simple and Professional modes for varying operator levels
  • Ergonomic handpiece for therapist comfort
  • Included device training conducted by qualified professionals

Fundamental requirements of an laser hair removal machine:

  • Yields consistent professional clinical results
  • Minimises frequency and severity of adverse reactions
  • Optimises your Return On Investment
  • Minimises risk of profit leakage

What to look for in a laser hair removal provider

Just like the quality of a machine depends on its longevity, who you choose to purchase your machine with also has a big impact on the long term success of your laser hair removal services. A professional technology provider should always include in-depth training and post-sales support.

Fundamental requirements of a laser hair removal machine provider:

  • Reliable, reputable service and proven industry expertise
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Genuine assistance in maximising Return On Investment
  • Assistance with marketing and promotional support
  • Ongoing training and clinical support

What’s included when purchasing a machine with The Global Beauty Group?

  • Comprehensive training with every machine
  • Access to an advisory team of aesthetics industry experts
  • Ongoing clinical and technical support
  • Access to marketing and promotional materials
  • Flexible financing
  • Expert advice on maximising your Return On Investment
  • Spare parts and backup machine service
  • Upgrade and trade-in opportunities
  • Access to retraining options

Sales and Financing

We have finance solutions available for a range of business types and budgets. Call our team of experts now on AU 1300 655 013 or NZ 0800 398 749 and let us help tailor a custom made solution to suit you.


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